Undertaker x abused reader. Scandals, gossip, backbiting, treachery along with the good accompany this memoir. You took a deep breath "Okay. it might suck but oh Cuphead x reader LEMON (Sep 05, 2021) A/N: I was requested for a lemon, but I wanted a back story before hand so the lemon is towards Sleepless Night ( Cuphead x reader LEMON ). “Oh, come on. Y/n is a sweet caring person until one day she was put up for adoption and then she got adopted but when she arrived to her so called home she gets abused as she grows depressed but . Undertale Comic. That Butler, Friendship; The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World; Lycoris that Blazes the Earth; Noah's Ark Circus; Tango on the Campania; The Public School's Secret The Black Arc ( Abused Neglected Arc Reader x RWBY) - Harem. That Butler, Friendship; The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World; Lycoris that Blazes the Earth; Noah's Ark Circus; Tango on the Campania; The Public School's Secret Undertaker x Reader / Ron x Reader. Khal Drogo x Reader Mod. National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799- 7233 (SAFE) Help. You must know that you're the fairest maiden in al of Great Britain. Your walk home from work always consisted of a trek through a dark alley between the back of two . Pairing ; Tamaki Amajiki x Reader. A Broken Rose: Neglected Male Reader x RWBY. Your mother, who was a nurse, died of a disease and since then your father had been abusing you in the most inhuman ways. You frown, standing up. A Nature's eyes filled with tears as the goddess feelings channeled through her's . Salem:"here are your clothes. ”. Super High School Level Entomologist). Shares: 287. “Hey, Undertaker, I-”. Search: Dog X Reader Lemon Wattpad Pregnant, George Weasley x reader. (Y/N) is popular with everyone. Shares: 298. Synopsis: After finding you on death’s door after a violent demon attack, Giyu takes you to the safest place he can think, the Master’s Estate. "Undertaker?" Once again I'm met with silence. You know that you’re dating the head of a very powerful, very dangerous London gang. He was humming another song you didn't know but it was putting you asleep. [[MORE]]„Nagito, this is the third night you're here to 'watch over me'. 16 parts. What happened? Undertaker opened his mouth clearly to say something, but was interrupted when the door opened and three men walked in. platonic! tommy x reader hc. On each individual post, you can read about them and get the freeTen-year-old Dick quietly snuck out of his room. Courtney Stodden, 27, slams ex-husband Doug Hutchison, 61, as a 'predator' and 'pedophile' who 'groomed' and 'abused' them at 16 Everlast's wife Lisa Schrody has filed for divorce from rapper . he gets abused by his dad and sister Nov 12, 2015 · An author of really bad fanfic gets sucked into her dream. 1/29/2016 c1 KillAKill360:3. Some would say she has it all. I'll figure that stuff out later lol. What is Bakugou x suicidal reader lemon. Her mother left her father because of his abusive tendencies leaving (Y/n) behind. Calling me a freak just because I didn’t like the exact same things they . Lies, truths, he knew them all, and saw them all. He wants to know exactly what happened, but won’t push if you don’t want to talk about it yet or at all. Song used: Breathe Me by Sia. Likes: 574. A second I remember is when Cap walks into a stairwell to find someone trying to rape a drugged or drunk Tony and Read Severus Snape x Male Reader from the story HP x Reader by Ginger_Queen_ (Jade) with 14,581 reads. 2 Neptune Vasilias 6 Team FNKI 6. Romance Levi X Reader Lemon {FIRST NAME} a young female who had just moved to Tokyo, Japan to begin her college life, she meets new people and makes a whole new social group. Name: Y/N Fal Former Name: Y/N Braven Occupation: Student at Beacon Academy (formerly)King of Salem's Faction Alignment: Good. But he was the Undertaker. He leaned down to give you a gentle kiss on the cheek, and continued his loving whispering. c! philza + c! technoblade x reader who has panic attack hc. Prompt: Reader is abused by her boyfriend until Crowley steps in. You made a plan to escape. Search: Bnha x reader abused. As a mercenary, with no horrible back story nor lacking funds one questions how you got into your field. Yang x Male Reader (Lemon) chapter 1, a rwby fanfic male rivals x reader x Highschool DxD, Abused and Neglected MC x Rwby, and so on. :’) Summary ; Tamaki is having a anxiety attack and Mirio and Neijire aren’t able to calm him down this time, so they get you. Undertaker took and cradle you in his arm rocking you in a sweet rhythm. # 11. If you're into that, enjoy! I attempted to make this applicable and enjoyable for both genders. K. Action Adventure Fanfiction Abuse Blood And Some Other Stuff Later. (Y/N) got adopted as a kid by the Xiao Long Rose family, only to be met with nothing but abuse, neglect and slave-like treatment. ️. There, behind the protection of the wisteria the two of you fall into the other despite not sharing the same tongue. It was a sunny day at beacon but things weren't so well. " Cora heard the goddess say. Jeff and Slenderman Sketches by LittleLuxray on DeviantArt. Broken without you (Sans Au x sweet depressed abused reader) August 16, 2018 KawaiiEmoji64. It's not about the Abused and Neglected money. Alois is a teenage boy with icy blue eyes and platinum blond hair; a singular, noticeable cowlick curls up to the left. He doesn't seem cold just, distant. Massive thanks to all my voice actor friends for lending . Male, female, young, old. You managed again. You couldn’t speak anymore, as tears fell down in a stream on your face. About Batfamily reader x lemon. February 2021. Cora A. Dreams Can Be Broken [Male Abused Neglected Kirby Reader X RWBY] [Must Read] [In Progress] [Trigger Warning] Close. Loki x pregnant reader Loki x pregnant reader. And to add fuel to the ever growing fire, you come to discover the dark truth behind the Aurora Society and how your Daddy makes . He (being The Undertaker) could tell that the girl was not yet dead. The undertakers. undertaker. I hated the Yulo twins like a plague. Former Family: Qrow Branwen (father; deceased), Summer Rose (mother; disowned), Tai Xiao-Long (uncle; disowned), Raven Branwen (step-mother; disowned), Vernal . " mochimizuki121 asked: Dark Yandere Undertaker x Female Reader. But what people don't know, is that (Y/N) is abused by her family. You're as short as that little Phantomhive!" he started to laugh. +16 more. 2 New Era 2. He tells me to do things but completely ignores me when I ask him about what he knows of me. It’s 2:30 in the morning lmao. A black goop looking skeleton looked at her with pure rage and sadness as he ran forward. Michael Fassbender HAPHAZARD and frenetic by name, Haywire is a coolly assured and breathlessly choreographed action thriller that has been tailored to the dazzling athletic prowess of its leading. The guards leave the room immediately in search of the girl Loki wanted at such urge. Wake up right now, I know you are faking being asleep. Ciel Phantomhive is the heir to this legacy. is unclean' and it shoots to ceil naked and chained up with hands all over him, it has very heavy implications but paring that with his sensitivity to touch and . One night, after your father left you chained in the basement with horrible bruises, you decided you have enough. 5 parts Complete. 31. This story is about you reader chan and you have a manor to your self and a maid that follows you a. The researchers watched patiently as you slowly went up to pat him. The giant lizard inspected you from a distance and has decided to talk. After that, he’ll try to make you smile even more. 80. Search: Rwby X Abused Rose Reader. The Undertaker thought that you were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Bad child batfamily x abused!bullied!neglected!reader. comics d . God, his morning voice might actually be the thing that killed you. Warnings: Mentions of abuse, mentions of abuse related bruising/injuries. Anything from twosomes to orgies are welcome here, but everyone will be aged up to be adults (I. She is abused mentally, emotionally and physically. Will drop the clownery and have a serious, heart-to-heart talk with you. He looked at you with his usual smile, and gave you your silvery glasses. Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader Summary: Natasha wants a family and so do you (fluff) Word Count: 604 (drabble) Warning: None. Salem:"after your done cleaning you clothes make my breakfast then your, after that we are going for a walk. sleepy boys inc x gn! teen! reader hc. " 900 North Michigan Ave, Suite L3-03, Chicago, IL, US 60611 werewolf x child reader, Werewolf!Romano x Abused!Reader WARNING: SENSITIVE MATERIAL. Chapter Text. dogpound, tmnt, tigerclaw. Loki commands angrily, toying with the fingers of his right hand nervous and impatiently. He also runs Funtom Company, which manufactures toys and sweets, and . The undertaker. You had been alone most of your life. Avengers x abused reader Avengers x abused readerdropping your shirt back down to cover your injuries. Because of that, she has developed suicidal tendencies, become slightly . Authors Note: This has been sitting in my drafts and I finally finished it. I even completely took that away from the conversation but he still wasn't listening; I just don't know what to do anymore. ~~The next morning~~. When she finally goes outside for the first time, she oddly enough finds sanctuary at the one place she feels comfortable. e. sapnap, dream, tommy, and c! techno x reader who cried while arguing hc. Your parents had been hunters, though they were killed by a werewolf when you were fifteen. friend102. “Nope, I didn’t, darlin’. Author: Jen. Undertaker has been ignoring me. He isn't daft to his old partner, his long time pining, and instructs that she be the one to provide him humor -- in attempt to hide her little secret. Plot: Reader is abused by father and finally runs away just for Kirishima to find her Cold (Todoroki x Reader) TW: Angst, cheating. 5K 851 23. angry blonde teach where. Read undertaker x reader from the story Bad guys x readers by Internet_Princess8 (The-Iron-Princess) with 475 reads. By daggerpuppy Watch. . You are (Y/N) (L/N), a 16 years old girl who was abused since childhood. Smut. You had met Jason before even joining the team and Jason starts to get jealous of how much time you are spending with his adopted brother Dick. “Around the 1000th time, my dear”. Dark Yandere Undertaker x Female Reader. Likes: 595. Mar 25, 2018 - "Pain is best known by those who have walked in hell" ~Y/N L/N formerly Y/N Rose this is the first of the (Abused and Neglected Male Reader x RWBY) series. Dean Winchester X Reader: Abused Masterlist Request Submit Become A Member Prompt: Reader’s father has been abusing her for a while, and he nearly beats reader to death until Dean/Sam come to the. Previously know as Reincarnated as Grell Sutcliff. " You were trying to sleep until you were woken up to by girlfriend Salem who was slapping you. It is not finished and may never be, but i'm uploading the revised chapters anyway. 16 parts Complete. Teen! Reader. You're as old as me, but your height never stops to surprise me. The Guardian (Black Butler X Reader) January 18, 2021 DoopLoop First published Mar 25, 2018. This is about a male reader who is betrayed by Team RWBY and their friends but is saved by Salem's faction. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . She is beautiful, has a powerful quirk, is rich. 5 parts. His Kitten - Sebastian x Reader. First published Feb 24. You deserve better and deserve to be safe. dream, sapnap, and c!technoblade x abused! reader hc. He walks over and carefully pushes you back into your seat. Undertaker comes up to me and picks me up holding me bridal style and carries me to the coffin placing me inside it. Yandere Creepypasta X Reader Lemon Wattpad Jan 27, 2021 I will do Read Slenderman x Reader (lemon/rape) from the story ¡REQUESTS CLOSED! tanz. If you find that you are in an abusive relationship, please seek help. “We got a big day ahead of us. " you sat your stuff down. Optimus x Reader (This is going to be gender neutral. He wears a long, plum purple frock coat; a forest green waistcoat with vertical black stripes and a black . What is Dog X Reader Lemon Wattpad. Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List +A boy being abused by his parents, sisters and uncles,he decides to confront them once trying to treat him with more respect but the opposite happened, he decided to cut his house and RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is an American anime-styled animated web series and media franchise created by Monty Oum for Rooster . Easy; you're just good at what you do. Earl Alois Trancy (アロイス・トランシー, Aroisu Toranshi) is the head of the Trancy household. (Kuroshitsuji)Undertaker x . You get to calm him down and even stay the night at the 3rd years dorms, so he stays calm. pink-sakura-bunny answered: He hugged you. Fem!Reaper!Reader has been in service to the Phantomhives for quite some time, though she had previously held the position of Reaper along side the Undertaker himself. One day the queen of England hires you to snuff out the unclean and unnecessary. Warning: Yaoi/Lemon or whatever you wanna call it. His eyes went from orange to blue, you recognised these eyes. She summoned up a force field full of positive energy not enough to . " I'm so sorry I allowed this to happen to you my baby. 87 Stories. "My, my. 2 [pt 2] BAKUGOU. You didn't really want to but you did love him. He just hold you close, in silence. A family lives above the funeral home in a small town and life is described through the eyes of the middle daughter. Despite your room being so dark, he could still see your shining beauty. A modern mafia AU where Undertaker is the leader and Grell, Ron, Will, and Othello all work for him and you, as the boss’s girl, get all kinds of special treatment. Earl Ciel Phantomhive is the business-savvy, twelve-year-old (later thirteen-year-old) head of the English Phantomhive noble family, taking over after the deaths of his parents, Lord Vincent Phantomhive and Lady Rachel Phantomhive. 682 looked at you and decided to sleep as he noticed the fear in your eyes. 'Rejected From Hell' Half-Demon Male reader x Rwby. I was walking around the Phantomhive manor at midnight. Writing Promots: Batboys. A young woman, who woke up without any memories and the outskirts of the city. Summary. You fell on your knees, he caught you just before you hit the floor, and you flopped in his arms. Shares: 122. Complete. grell. Adjustments (Bat Family x Bat! Search: Dog X Reader Lemon Wattpad It’s a loud, shouty mix of concern and exasperation that he’ll apologise for after calming down. Here . You had ran from the police to avoid being stuck in some crappy foster home. First Book: His Kitten - Second Book: That Kitten, Kidnapped - Third Book: His Kitten, Falling Down. Search: Rwby X Rejected Male Reader Wattpad. I awoke and dragged myself out of the open coffin. This is a Shikamaru x Reader, which will POSSIBLY be part of a song fic collection but I don't know yet, depending on how many people like this or whatever. (Y/n) hasn't had the best life ever. Description. MCYT. Likes: 244. , and into the support class, you were exhilarated. The Undertaker's Daughter is a memoir and a story about life. What is Yandere Sebastian X Pregnant Reader. Lover: has a thing with Sasuke but her main love is Shikamaru. She had always been locked in, stuck with a cruel father who abused and did unspeakable things to her. Written 4 years ago. Going by the name of Olivia Aim - a 22 year old woman. “Now now, in order to ‘ave a good ‘Alloween, both members of the tea party must be ‘appy. "I love you so much, F/n. yuri, harem, action. Sebastian can only find one possible conclusion: Ciel is pregnant. Never had she ventured outside her house. When did you stop being scared by that kind of stuff”. A girl taking a midnight stroll finds herself im the black butler world, in love with the undertaker, while managing two seperate lives. Though this time he doesn't close the lid, I don't care and even wish he would close the lid; 'Please just don't open it again. Domestic Bliss. Undertaker laughs, getting up as well. This is as cannon as it gets people!! look at season on episode twelve at sixteen minutes and thirty seconds, then puppet master says AND I QUOTE' ceil phantomhive the body your in. I'm so sorry this took twice as long as I usually take to draw commissions. word count: 34,000+ part 1 * part 2 * part 3 * part 4 * part 5 * (After two of Undertaker’s business meetings take a turn for the worse, you’re in more danger than ever before. mochimizuki121 asked: Dark Yandere Undertaker x Female Reader. " She throws your clothes that were not washed yet. What happens when you go on a case and meet someone who makes you feel something and parts of your story begin to unfold? Undertakerx Reader Claude X Reader Alois X Reader Undertaker Butler Claude Sebastian Ciel. Now you heard Undertakers laugh and relaxed a little. “You should be singing now Y/N. Human! Bonnie x Abused! Reader Songfic. Undertakers love (demonxshinigami) by XxNoOnexX. “Come on, love,” he whispered, and though your eyes hadn’t yet opened, you could hear the smile on his face as he spoke. His expression is severe and cold. a/n ; I love Tamaki Amajiki and he needs all the love he deserves. undertaker x reader lemon fanfic - Google Search. I just wanted to make sure you were ‘appy. it Yang x Male Reader (Lemon) chapter 1, a rwby fanfic male rivals x reader x Highschool DxD, Abused and Neglected MC x Rwby, and so on. ' I want to disappear, I want to die. Warnings: mentions of blood, fluff. Word count ; 1464 words. You immediately recognized them as Earl Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis and as fellow shinigami Grell Sutcliff. If you don’t want me, just say it, don’t give me the old and tired “you’ll get hurt”, not to medon’t you dare. Released: 2008 He managed to lay his hands on an ancient emperor's book, the Nine Serenities Secret Records Bully Crush X Suicidal Reader Ask for what type of reader Undertaker (Black Butler) Undertaker is a former Grimm Reaper in the “Black Butler” anime and manga series Undertaker (Black Butler) Undertaker is a former Grimm Reaper in the . Notes: This is a shitty Undertaker x reader (with the original lame summary) I wrote in 2016. it's about sending an Abused and Neglected message. In the Undertaker's eyes, it only added to your beauty. But the underworld isn’t a complete mystery to you. About Reader X Khal Drogo Abused " "But he's the heir. I’ve just been feeling the winter depression and wanted to write a fic with some fiction charector love. Sherbet Lemon. DEATH what a b. “You—“ before he could finish, you jumped down and hid by the corner, shivering in fear. If he hadn’t been who he was, he might have been fooled by her lies, which were quite convincing. "I'm not short! Here, the reader will be placed in numerous sexually explicit situations with the diverse cast of characters of any gender in any size grouping. Your eyes locking on his and your breathing slowing slightly. You are the daughter of Sebastian who is the butler of Ceil Phantomhive. I look at him, and he looks at me, and I look at him, and he looks at me, and I look at him, and he looks at me. “I’m not scared of my . Y/N and Sebastian been a couple for sometime and she help with investigation and goes to meet undertaker from time to time unaware Undertaker takes a liking to Y/N and hate how a beautiful lady with a horrible demon so he need to "save" her from her beloved he fakes her death. Undertaker, 83, who fondled a woman's breasts moments before a funeral service faces jail Charles Ashton, a funeral director, admitted sexually assaulting woman Pensioner fondled kissed and . About Reader X Rejected Male Wattpad Rwby . Warnings: Swearing, abuse, trigger warning. 5 parts Complete. . Space Done [Damian Wayne x Reader] Requested by anon: “For the angst prompts can you do 18 and 2 with Damian“ Prompt 2: “I don’t need you. “If you want to go out, we will!”. Why are you not? Your father, you’re not scared of him so why not?”. fanfiction. Posted by. His title is the Ultimate Lucky Student (超高校級の「幸運」lit. Search: Dog X Reader Lemon Wattpad Werewolf x reader lemon forced wattpad. The Undertaker went over to the girl and-after throwing his trash away- lifted her into his arms and carried her into his shop. In her case, her body language betrayed her. They knew how Loki was when he was mad and impatient, and they knew who was the girl that could soothe him. All Pennywise did was laugh. Summary: Seeing your best friend after months. well above the age of consent). The blackest soul (UndertakerXReader) Completed July 8, 2014 Black Shadow Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Undertaker Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Adrian Dark Soul Reader . You woke to the feeling of Bucky’s hand cupping your face, thumb stroking your cheek. He figured that the girl had been caught in the rain storm last night. But what would happen if he got away fr. Click on Change beside 'Password'. Eren x Reader x Levi: Chapter 1: Emotional Games~ (LEMON) He loved you more than anything because you were like a diamond in the rough of the Survey www. Danganronpa x child reader wattpad Danganronpa x child reader wattpad. malereader. In the cómic it willl probably have a bigger shovel that use as weapon to rip . You were suddenly interrupted by the same person you were looking for as he opened a casket and got out with the intention of scaring you, but had no effect. Undertaker x Reader / Ron x Reader. His real name is Jim Macken (ジム・マッケン, Jimu Makken). About reader Bnha abused x " Nov 05, 2018 · A tale of pessimism in a world of optimism, this is the story of how even a kid with an unheroic attitude, unheroic Quirk, and an unheroic personality could become a hero anyways. Yandere!Undertaker x Reader. 3 years ago. “I-I’ve never seen you before. It is worth reference to look at Kim Noble's art, who is known for suffering Satanic Ritual Abuse as a young child and her personality has permanently splintered into different entities. Originally posted on Wattpad. Avengerdragoness. Soon he came and opened you coffin. Alyssa was a girl from the US and decided to visit her family in london when she found out her mom died and her dad was a drunk. Deadpool x Reader.

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