Noise when i press the accelerator. I have a 2020 F-150 XLT 5. Im not sure if this is normal as i only noticed it after a month of owning the car. If i cant figure it out i will upload a video with the sound. Making noise (can be best described as grinding) when the gas pedal is pressed about couple of inches. The first time I took it back to the dealership they said that it just needed to have the PCM Hi, there a couple of things that can cause this rattling type noise on acceleration the most common was the serpentine drive belt tensioner there was a service bulletin to address this. Press the gas pedal and listen for anything unfamiliar. If a thin whistle or a knock small in intensity is heard from the front of the engine compartment, then the water pump is faulty. A whining noise while accelerating it can causes by several things, including low levels of steering fluid, the steering pump, a leak in the pump, the alternator, wheel bearings, loose or worn belts, the transmission, and the exhaust. After doing this, start the car and take a short test drive to see if the problem goes away. He thinks there are 3 possibilities which may cause the noise. It gets louder and higher in pitch as the speed goes up. Starting Monday 1/14/08, I noticed a wierd whistling noise when I would be holding the gas pedal down, or when the cruise was engaged. Listen keenly for any irregular sound and look out for any cues that may indicate a problem. The noise sounds like it's coming from underneath the car towards the front driver side but as long as I put the car in neutral and just let it roll it don't make the noise but as soon as I hit the gas again it makes the noise or if I'm going under 20 it doesn't make the noise Hard to pinpoint the exact location of the noise. This system ensures that the speed of your car’s wheels match the speed of the engine. My noise is noticeable to me at 45 mph. Your car shouldn’t be making unwanted noises apart from the natural sound of your engine. scooter996 said: For some reason evrytime I have my foot on the gas theres a high pitched tinging or pinging sound. 2004 F-150 FX4 5. Unless it under acceleration throughout the rpms. The noise appears only when I press the accelerator a little and then goes away. If so, tell your mechanic about it and ask him to check the EGR valve operation. If the car is running low on transmission fluid, refill the reservoir to the proper level. 2004 Buick LeSabre, Car makes a clicking noise when I press the accelerator, all gauges show oil pressure fine, etc. EricTheCarGuy. Keymaster. i hope someone have a solution. While doing about 25-30mph, if I SLIGHTLY press the gas pedal down, the rattle was fairly constant (or lasted much longer than any other time). https:www. Also asked, when I press the gas I hear a clicking The car is pretty new and is driven only 4500 KMs. Yes. e warmed up). Engine Problems When I press the accelerator, the engine makes a loud noise and I can feel the vibration through the car. But the sound goes away after a few minutes of driving. When I let off the gas, the sound stops. I hear a whining noise when accelerating. As long as the foot is pressing down the throttle it makes the rattling noise. Differential Problems. It appears again when I press the accelerator. A knock that is similar to a loud metallic clatter when the I was able to drive by the dealer and successfully duplicated the noise to one of the Tech. What would cause humming noise under hood Had a hard time starting car had to keeping pressing accelerator to keep car running. This noise is nothing to be concerned about and is a typical element of your vehicle’s functioning. But that sort of noise usually occurs independent of whether you are pressing on the gas or not. It is clearly related to the torque being placed on something. The sound cannot be reproduced while in neutral and revved up to 3000, noise only occurs while driving. It will be a faint sound when the car is idling in ‘park’ mode, but the volume and frequency will increase in proportion to acceleration. Here are the possible causes of the whining noise from your car. Typically happens in the morning when I If the rattling noise when accelerating comes from your car’s exhaust system, then the repair cost will vary greatly depending on which components need repairing. To test this possibility, put the car in neutral and lightly press on the accelerator. The sound comes as soon as you start the car. Symptoms Car thuds when letting off-gas Noise when taking the foot off the accelerator Clunk noise when letting off the gas pedal Knock sound when letting off-gas Common Causes Worn mounts, suspension, and steering problems can cause a knocking noise when taking the foot off Hoping someone might be able to help me here. And it makes that noise when you press the accelerator at neutral+standstill or ingear+moving. The first time I took it back to the dealership they said that it just needed to have the PCM Only show this user. You may notice this grinding during There are 5 main reasons a car might grind when accelerating. Ive been noticing this buzzing sound every time i press the accelerator, even the slightest touch will make it. If there is no ticking sound, have a mechanic look at the transmission. com. Getting the belt tightened and the whole assembly realigned, might solve your problem. Maybe just belt noise. This happens from either a worn belt or a bad tension-er. So if you are sure that the sound is coming from that, you don’t need to worry. 9 cdti 57 plate ticking noise from accelerator, vauxhall insignia engine knocking noise, clunking noise when pressing accelerator, my car is making a knocking noise when i press accelerator Luke_R53 said: hi guys, just bought a mini cooper s 2004 low mileage and love it, only slight problem is when pressing and letting off the accelerator pedal i seem to get a click! i dont know if its only just developed this or its just irritated me more since noticing it but i would really like to get it sorted. Park the car and do a steady rev and see if the 1. Roy If the whining noise while accelerating is loudest while taking a turn, the problem may lie in the power steering assembly. However, diagnosing this problem can be tricky, even for the most experienced of mechanics. Only show this user. Any thoughts ? Save. Tire noise would be related to tire rotation not torque. You may not have any drivability issues, such as overheating, but if left alone, you could experience issues down the road. When I press on the gas pedal it stops but as soon as I let up or slow down it starts. Recently i started to notice that when i press the gas pedal after changing gears i hear a faint knock under the car, i can sometimes hear it when i let go of the gas pedal or press it on low RPMs. Hopefully nothin too serious. Let it go – noise is gone, press it further down – noise is gone. You can really hear it in the video below, especially around the 25 second mark. -thanks! November 20, 2012 at 6:37 am #478092. I am driving Mazda 6 2006. Secondly, why is my engine making a high pitched noise? Good morning. Typically happens in the morning when I Even if I press the accelerator very slowly a little at a time. It does it all the time when I'm driving. php205249-knocking-noise-when-pressing-accelerator, vectra c making noise when taking foot off accelerator, vectra 1. It shows up no matter the RPM, but it seems to get a little quieter when the RPMs are up about 4500. Tensioner (worst case). Damaged CV Joint. Secondly, why is my engine making a high pitched noise? That noise you are hearing is the engine coolant (anti-freeze) traveling through the heater core. The noise is worse while under load and actually in motion. If your wheels and your engine are not in sync (hence the grinding), this can cause significant damage to your transmission. The reason you can hear it is due to air being trapped in your engines cooling system. When I got the car, new, the noise happens once in a while, and now it happens every time I press the accelerator or slow down. You may hear a ticking, clicking, or tapping noise while the vehicle is idling, accelerating, or even after receiving an oil change. When im pressing the gas for the first few seconds I can hear a small rattling/sputter noise. Then even if you stop at a red light and press the accelerator in neutral it doesn't make the noise. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. Only under this condition, when I slightly press on the gas and the engine will start to charge the battery and propel the car at the same, there is a slight grinding noise coming from the front of Every time I hit gas pedal I get like “hiss” / “whine” noise. At first it was just sporadic but its become more and more common now. Click to see full answer. Have him listen to the motor to get his opinion about the timing chain. I do not notice the noise at speeds above 50mph. The engine oil tank is located near the brake fluid reservoir. e. Yesterday I started noticing a noise when I press or depress the gas pedal. It kind of reminds me of steam locomotive chugging along at high rpm or a flat tyre. #1. Less frequently, it could point to a misalignment in the drive pulley of the water pump or another accessory. My car has an automatic transmission. Typically, if this is the cause of the sound, the noise will increase when the wheel is turned during acceleration. The first is belt noise. 4L 4cyl with the cvt tranny. Each of them will manifest a little differently, and each has its own unique fix. Participant. I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla 1. 4L 101k miles A couple of weeks ago I started to hear a clicking sound on the highway. It’s only when I’m physically driving in drive and pressing the accelerator. 8/5 (3,661 Views . Happens only when in gear (i. 0L and over the past few months I've noticed a rattling noise like something is loose when I accelerate. As many time as I was on/off the gas, it was consistent. It’s definitely linked to the throttle when under Summary. They would of needed to actually hear the sound but since it's so random and unpredictable it's pretty much impossible to be able to reproduce the noise for them. In this case, you need to check it, and if that is the problem, replace it. It starts at about 60-65 mph and is only present when I'm holding down the gas pedal. It runs fine so far, however I started (or just havn't notice before) to notice that the the noise when pressing/holding on gas peddal is quite loud. I believe it's more noticeable at higher speeds or harder pressing of the accelerator. That kind of sort of a cross between a shudder and a hiss and a thud – shsd shsd shsd – can be a symptom of a bad tire. Unfortunately you can't I picked up the car from TSB work on Monday. The instant I take my foot off the gas it stops. Overview. When I got on the freeway to drive home though, I found this buzzing/rattling noise whenever I stepped on the gas. What c my car makes a whining noise when i press the accelerator - 2006 BMW 325xi The grinding noise when you accelerate likely has to do with your car’s planetary gear system. This often manifests as a squeaking or squealing noise. See if you can determine the rpm it comes on at or the range that you hear it in. Some of the possible reasons are mentioned below in detail –. Parked revving produced no sound either. Car is a 1996 read more I recently purchased (week ago) the Qx4 2000 model with 215,000 km on it. Noise stays for a couple of seconds and stops . When I let off the accelerator, the noise goes away. Typically happens in the morning when I Yes. I checked the pulleys all over again and the alternator pulley started making a low grinding noise even though it turns smoothly. The noise appears only after the car has been driven for some 20 kms (i. comforumshowthread. Close the hood then drive up and down slowly. After my foot goes farther down on the gas pedal the noise goes away. Leakage in the Exhaust System. Once the micro switch in the ITS releases it jumps and takes off. Issues in the valves. Just to maintain speed. A failing water pump. That bulletin number is EG021-07. The other problem is with the heat shields on the exhaust have a tendency to rattle also. I have noticed no warning lights and my heater works fine. Another possible cause is a faulty transmission. As engine speed increases so does the speed of every pulley in the accessory drive system. The noise is coming from the rear axle/motor area. I noticed that when i press gas pedal it makes noise. The grinding noise when you accelerate likely has to do with your car’s planetary gear system. Only under this condition, when I slightly press on the gas and the engine will start to charge the battery and propel the car at the same, there is a slight grinding noise coming from the front of Hoping someone might be able to help me here. Once I drive it about 50 ft. Bad Wheel Bearing. An automobile relies on constant vacuum pressure to operate correctly, according to 2CarPros. This is not normal and needs to be checked. , not in neutral). Especially on autopilot, bumper to bumper traffic, all you hear is clunking moediggy said: I have a 2014 jeep patriot sport 2. Use a dipstick to find out the correct level of oil. Belt noise can also come when one of the pulleys the belt is riding on starts to fail. Hey! Recently my car started making this weird noise I would describe as chugging. As soon as I take my foot off from gas pedal it’s stop making noise. I'm sorry to say, but this question can't be answered with the current incorrect grammar usage. Perhaps there is a better way of describing it. If you are moving fast enough, you hear it. I have recently started experiencing a sucking noise when I accelerate the car. If you think it could be bad fuel, try using high octane gasoline once and see if that helps. I don't have to even accelerate, press hard. I just got a used 08 dodge nitro 2008 sxt 3. Lightly pushing the accelerator about (2-5%) causes this noise, but only if the RPMs are idle while in neutral. 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 - Clicking sound when pressing accelerator - I'm new to this forum, so thanks for reading. 7. So, if you’re hearing a whining noise when accelerating, then they’re most definitely is a problem that requires an immediate solution. Also, watch out if you can see anything unusual. Also asked, when I press the gas I hear a clicking This rattling noise is produced by pushing the accelerator in my 2017 Si. These reasons include: Transmission Issues. Low level of fluid is the main reason for causing this trouble. If a vacuum leak is the cause, the car is likely to make the same noise upon pressing the accelerator when the vehicle is idling. It doesn't happen all the time either. This only happens when accelerating. Loose or even slightly bent pulleys can sound like death at higher speeds, as metal-on-metal contact occurs thousands of times per minute. My Model 3 makes a clunking noise every time I accelerate or decelerate. What c my car makes a whining noise when i press the accelerator - 2006 BMW 325xi Whistling noises that occur when accelerating a vehicle are often due to vacuum leaks under the hood. The main reason for the whining might be a loose belt, that runs over the power steering pump’s pulley. I read online that it could be the CV Axle, i tried to test them by turning the I was able to drive by the dealer and successfully duplicated the noise to one of the Tech. No, not really. 32 Votes) A ticking sound could be caused by any number of reasons, such as a low level of oil or loose components. Basically noise/hiss/whistle is only present when gas pedal is slightly tapped. When I let off the gas, the noise and vibration stop, but it will start up again whenever I press down on the accelerator. Car is running great otherwise. It could also simply be a whistle from the air intake that sounds like a whine. They need to be checked to confirm the failure. A muffler or exhaust pipe repair will cost around $50 – $150 depending on the severity of the damage. Ask for help pressing the gas pedal. So, with all being said it seems like it does this after parking the cart for . Here's a directory link for you to find a Nissan technician: Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 142k miles. Engine. When battery is at a low state of charge and the AC is on, therefore, whenever I slightly step on the gas the engine will immediately start. That will cause a rattling noise too. Noise sounds like it is coming from the front passenger side of the car. Even if I barely tap the accelerator for a split second, it will whine up then grind down for a few seconds then back to quiet as long as I’m not back on the accelerator. Noise is steady and lately is always present when gas pedal is pressed a little bit. Anything on the belt drive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 142k miles. Fixing for the clicking noise when accelerating from stop. You can hear it loudest from the drivers seat and barely hear it on the passenger side. 7lt, and i have exactly the same problem, annoying noise like a knocking/clicking sound when i lightly push the gas pedal and whit the shiftknob on D or R, (less noisy in parking), the car runs very good without any problem but the noise is a pain No humming noise when driving or stepping on the gas pedal. The noise does not occur when I engine brake, but the noise will occur if I lightly hold down the accelerator at any rpm while driving. 4 vvti manual. Everything else stock. Answer (1 of 5): What is the clunking noise when pressing the gas pedal by a wheel? Hi Anonymous! Glad you could join us again. Usually, chirping or squealing noises when accelerating indicate a slipped or loose belt. November 21, 2012 at 7:30 pm #478606. You may notice this grinding during Oct 22, 2021. It is coming from the engine or dash area. Recommended Services Jeff Engstrom Automotive Mechanic A whining noise while accelerating it can causes by several things, including low levels of steering fluid, the steering pump, a leak in the pump, the alternator, wheel bearings, loose or worn belts, the transmission, and the exhaust. While in motion the noise happens when the gas pedal is first pushed, then stops. It could be due to faulty transmission, steering, or because of an engine issue. It may also be a water pump, ac condenser, idler etc. A bad torque converter could be the origin of rattling sound when accelerating at low speed. This rattling noise is produced by pushing the accelerator in my 2017 Si. vectra-c. Hi Everyone: I have just over 2,000 miles on my 2021 GTI. Sorta like a rattle coming from infront of the passengers foot. It’s definitely linked to the throttle when under Engine. There is a high pitched squealing noise from under the hood. This noise most often happens when you first begin to accelerate, and sometimes when turning. But at lower speeds, 30-45 mph the humming sound came back. This sound is usually typical and does not need repair. 2. Anyone The only reason I included the tires is the nature of the described noise. I can replicate the noise by letting the car coast a little bit and lightly pressing the gas pedal again. I also sometimes notice it when I press the accelerator. Now i'm not sure if it suppose to be like that and is common for this type of vehicle or it is indication of a problem. Step 1: Start your car’s engine. and come to a complete stop and then hit the accelerator again slowly it start nice and slow as it should. Heat shield rattle 3. From your description it sounds like it may be the serpentine belt squealing. Worn Motor Mount. Open the hood and check the fluid level. Once it goes further down noise disappears. Giving it more gas by pushing harder on the accelerator makes the noise go away too. The first thing you should check after hearing a loud whining noise when accelerating is the engine oil. It could indicate the last stage of the converter’s life. A leaking exhaust system or power steering generates humming noise when the car driver presses the accelerator. Unfortunately you can't Tire noise would be related to tire rotation not torque. I attached a picture of the belt as well as the tension-er that needs to be checked to confirm. Rocker panel loose (he thinks least likely) 2. I don't know too much about the mechanics of fuel injection, but since my problem specifically seemed to be related to me pressing the gas That will cause a rattling noise too. I'd been told Rear diff issues, CV joints, fluid levels, you name it. Summary. Does the gas pedal linkage need to be WD-40 or lithium greased? The only reason I included the tires is the nature of the described noise. It is important to find the root of the problem as there is a risk that the engine will be damaged, making the repair bill greater than it would have been originally. A ticking noise when accelerating can be caused by many things. Problems with the fuel-air mixture in the engine. I immediately thought it was an exhaust leak and took it to my exhaust buddy. ? Raise the hood and have a helper start the car while you listen. You can't really tell its grinding until you spin continuously and that's when you hear it. Low Engine Oil. I started noticing a few days ago a hissing sound whenever I take my foot off the accelerator. It will make the rattle when I'm driving in gear or while I'm pushing the accelerator parked in neutral. But thanks for playing. Anyway this only happens when I press the accelerator. When accelerating at speeds of 20 - 45 mph, the car makes a howl/whirling noise when I lightly press on the accelerator. No noise below 50 and no noise of above 50 and putting Jeep in neutral or letting off the accelerator. It was late on that day and they did not have the time to fix. My car has 95000 miles. Asked by cbrison Jul 21, 2016 at 06:00 PM about the 2004 Buick LeSabre Custom Sedan FWD. its most noticeable at low revs Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 1, 2013. 1. 4. This article looks at common problems that cause a clunk or thud noise when taking the foot off the accelerator pedal. BMW 2006 325xi - the car makes a whining noise when i press the accelerator and if i remove my foot from the gas pedal, the noise goes away. The temperature outside that day was about -4F. A knock that is similar to a loud metallic clatter when the Your car’s engine idles at a relatively low speed -- somewhere around 500 to 900 rpm, depending on make and model. mckrishes. I have taken it to a dealer but they couldn't hear anything. In most cases, the cause is oil pressure, exhaust leaks, spark plugs, or the valvetrain. Belt noise can mean the belt is worn or loose. Typically happens in the morning when I Rattling noises when accelerating can be caused by low fluid levels in the A/T.

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