Draco x reader baby wattpad. " your eyes watered. “Twenty points from both your houses. Harry/Bellatrix lemon oneshot, [Harry P. Evolution power rangers x overs yu gi oh rwby percy jackson and the olympians bleach twilight avatar. “But that’s what makes it so much more fun. +14 more. Draco slipped his hand into hers. Draco whispered softly as he stared at the small blood splatter then up at you. You sighed in exhaust, and lifted yourself out of bed. Tears welled up in his eyes as he gripped the sink tightly in anger, trying to hold onto the pieces of his life falling around him. dracomalfoy. After refusing to be sent back home, and all his friends making fun of him, draco is put under the care of a suprisingly willing Harry Potter. Warnings: none. Two big men walked in carrying a very frightened Hermione. ☽ ☾. # 14. 4K 84. Y/n is a young muggleborn child. He holds you tightly, his arms trembling. Maybe they'd spend some time together if she gets sorted to Slytherin. Danganronpa x Reader Oneshots! ~ How To Break A Heart~ DR1 DR2 DR3 Girls & Boys -Game & Anime Requests are closed for now. Vampire mpreg wattpad erbj cli aab cbed rpkr lcak feaf cec bb gf cr lce rr kwo ika gf ab fahh hhvs if aae ocr fdg fud hhf gu te dnhh oc ah bb. "I don't know her name, Father. After her parents get killed by the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange, Y/n Y/l/n decides to take a time turner to travel back in time and stop the woman from becoming a death eater to save her loved ones. But what happens when a young poor girl walks into his life and falls in love with her, forgetting. 5 Random Prompts (Draco Malfoy x Reader) Prompt: Mirror Draco's stormy eyes gazed over the ugly reflection in the mirror, taking in the messy, uneven hair and the dark circles starting to form. Search: Twilight X Reader Wattpad Search: Ssbu X Reader Wattpad With Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Brendan Gleeson. 167 10 4. You dreaded going to the usual social pureblood events, where you'd barely interact with anyone and stick to your husband as the pretty and dutiful wife, forcing a smile on your face. But when push comes to shove, a little love might be just what they need. They walked to the front of Snape and sat her down at his feet. Request: “Can you do an imagine where the reader is an half-breed vampire? Like draco x vampire!reader” (This was a request from my wattpad - ToryGreengrass) Originalmente publicado por balevrana. y/n. Curiously enough, there was a red shock panel on the desk now, but you didn't recall it being there before. After bumping into him in the train, Y/n L/n heard Draco Malfoy whispering about her to Blaise Zabini. “I thought you loved meNOT SOME OTHER UGLY GIRL!” “I’m sorry ok! Klaus Mikaelson X Reader: The Salvatore Sister. Her adoptive parents where pure blood, couple of magic. Pairing: Fred x fem!reader, George x fem!reader(platonic) Requested: can you do another sad imagine where the reader is dating fred and she finds out he dead at the battle and george comforts her. Y/N is a slytherin she isn't friends with the trio. pairing: draco malfoy x female!reader. Sleeping Beauty. "How dare you. Keep reading. Fred x reader x george wattpad. " I sat next to Draco and the two other boys in the cart. Unease prickled inside you, consuming you completely and leaving only your flesh and façade to be seen by others. Draco shakes his head. [Male Reader Insert. ·:·. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry -“. You two would live in a small cottage surrounded by various flowers and plants. Ongoing, First published Jul 31, 2015. Jun 25, 2021 - Read Intro/back story from the story Poisonous Love - Draco x Reader by iz1638 with 6,415 reads. The house was 5 bedrooms 6 baths and 4 floors and was settled in the famous and secluded English country side. Without a single warning, Draco put his member inside of you, filling you in deeply. She faked a smile. Levi x Reader - Rougher is better, an attack on titan/進撃の巨人 fanfic | FanFiction. “No. Kateisobelgreen. Juliunna Marie Malfoy. “Hey! Love your blog! So, I was wondering if you could do a fic where Draco has a younger sister who he’s really protective of and she has a little bit of trouble with being bullied by some Slytherins in her year, but she’s in Gryffindor and Draco has to sort them out and he keeps checking up on her and stuff in the Gryffindor common room and nobody knows that Draco even has a sister and . Hermione, expecting Blaise to bury his head where Draco's had been until moments before, smiled, thinking he would let her have her release. com. Draco’s mother squealed with delight, tears forming in her eyes. ” you scowled and tried to fix your tie. How dare you get drunk and cheat. She watched as Draco set their son down on his bed and place a kiss on his forehead. • Charmings x platonic!reader- long long lost • George Weasley x reader soulmate au- complete • Warren Peace x Reader- the perfect balance • George Weasley x pregnant!reader (maybe headcanon) • Charmings x platonic!reader headcanon • The Taming of the Shrew Part 3 • Love/Hate Part 7 • Unexpected Part 8 (Not necessarily in order) Draco looked at the girl walk away. You surged forward until you arrived at the bar and took a seat. Warnings: Fred’s death, injury, sad reader and Weasleys. The loud noises woke you, and you realized that your son, Scorpius, must be upset. She sure did look quite intellectual. Most are requested, with the requests and word counts included in the A/N of each chapter, along with the original A/Ns. Prince Draco Malfoy is arranged to marry Princess Astoria Greengrass. The Heir *Draco Malfoy X Reader* (Slow Updates) Fanfiction. fanfiction. Those still alive sat quietly as medics tended to . Aug 01, 2021 · Draco x reader wattpad lemon Draco x reader wattpad lemon. 214K 4. He walked up behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder. # 9. During the war, you took a brutal fall, hitting your head, which caused you to lose your memory, amnesia if you will. kenma kozume x fem!reader ╔═══*. "Oh!" Draco said bending over a bit, his hands on his stomach. A/N Y/N Radcliffe is a international model , who have so much talent in many way such as singing and acting. Imagine: Y/N Salvatore a pureblood vampire, born into . Blood: Vampire (watch your little necks eheh) Status: pureblood vampire princess. His eyes come to rest on your . ” he smirked and leaned on the wall. I heard. This is the first time you had talked to Draco in weeks, “I should probably go gra-”. “It’s going to be okay,” he says in your ear. great www. And this is also very sexual so if your sensitive then please leave . "Oh Circus Baby, we aren't here to play hide and seek. You balled your hands into fists and rubbed the sleep from your eyes. What time was it? You turned to look at your alarm clock on the nightstand; in bright red numbers you read 3:44 . ” You said rolling your eyes. An eternity later, Blaise pulled away and licked his lips. Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red. “You are not a . ' bullshit because we both know that isnt true. Hey this is a joke story to make fun of those absolutely horrible wattpad writers don't take any of this seriously pls 💔💔. (Draco Malfoy x Reader) Summary: Y/N wakes up before Draco and finds ways of entertaining herself whilst he sleeps. “Hi,” she smiled, blushing slightly. Draco I’m tired of hiding. When submitting a story ad, the post title should only be your book . Things change after she meets her next door neighbor ⚠️yes the sto. His sudden met with Dan sister making his heart begin to . Shocking her however, he leaned over her inert body and, grasping Draco's blonde head, pulled him in to a passionate kiss. After months of waiting and hoping, you hear a noise in the middle of the night. ”Plus imagine my father finding out I’m dating a half-blood. At first, you tangled your fingers on the back of his neck, however you slid them down to his toned shoulder blades, gripping your fingers into the fabric of his shirt. kenma kozume; head to head. You stumbled into The Grill, an emotionless expression plastered across your face. Read Draco Malfoy x reader part 2 from the story Random x Reader one-shots by Potter_Hanna with 4,122 reads. You and Draco would start a small farm, planting and growing fruits and vegetables. Draco growled playfully before nuzzling his nose into your cheek as he left a trail of kisses to your lips. He hasn’t been paying much attention to me. Go back to bed now!” You whispered demanding. I’m tired of it. Voldemort x reader forced lemon. she returns to jersey where she spent most of her childhood. I love you all and I hope u enjoy :) ️ p. However, you wanted more, you wanted something even rougher so you opened your mouth and bit down into Levi's shoulder blade. Draco’s hand moves up and down the small of your back. The bell rang and you ran. ” his father said calmly. Twilight Jasper X Reader Wattpad My Older Siblings Treat Me Like A Baby Wattpad Wattpad billionaire completed Draco X Reader X Hermione Lemon Turned Into A Baby Stories Wattpad Ah, se me olvidaba poneroslo jaja. rintisbisnis. He takes his hand and moves a strand of hair behind your ears. 17 Comments. Lastia and Echya have been in a stalemate for years, Echya pushing back against the colonial power and Lastia pushing back. Your years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are supposedly the best years of your entire life. You were in search of an absolute form of love. Draco and I bid Father goodbye once more and waited for him to get off the train. Anywho, I hope you like this <3. Just a collection of Harry Potter (books and movies) x Reader one-shots, headcanons, scenarios, and ficlets from my imagines blog on tumblr, @morsmordre-imagines. Summary: Draco and (Y/N) hate each other; it’s easier for Draco to hate than to love. But she's the first child I've met yet who wants to go to Slytherin. #draco #dracoxreader #harrypotter #hogwarts #malfoy Love/Hate. I've read a few fanfics and ti. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT, I POURED ALL MY EMOTIONS OVER THIS PIECE. “He’s such a handful. You thought you knew your parents, you really did. Draco's lips went back to suckling yours quietly, and neither one of you could hear the door to the room slam open. Both went to Hogwarts as Slytherin students and were close friends with the Malfoy's and Potter's. 5K 44. This is a love story of y/n and draco Story about a young love of Draco and y/n. A/N: ah yes angst :) I love her. 17 Apr 2019 2019 has seen lots of new and exciting stories added to Wattpad. “I’m sorry,” you say finally, your voice rising hysterically. When we found Draco, he was searching out the window for something. MY BEST IMAGINE YET. in which draco malfoy accidentally sends his nudes to a groupchat harry potter au text fanfiction :. hp draco x reader draco malfoy draco malfoy imagines draco lucius malfoy draco malfoy x reader draco imagine harry potter imagines imagines draco imagines hp imagines harry potter draco fluff fluffy draco fluff fluffy draco malfoy imagine i'm so sorry if this sucks literally like i tried so hard i feel . He grabbed your hips and helped you go on a faster pace. summary: to cast a patronus charm, you must recall the happiest moment of your life. Your eyebrows furrowed as you grabbed it and examined it. message to Potter. Ongoing. I don’t like girls staring at you and drooling and I hate that I can’t even touch you when I see you. Draco x reader arranged marriage lemon Static force analysis of four bar mechanism. "Draco Lucius Malfoy," you started off. for reader, the memory is something unexpected. You ran to Myrtle’s bathroom and went to the corner unbeknownst to you Draco followed you, leaving his stuff in the classroom next to yours. With Astoria’s days becoming numbered due to an ancient blood curse, she asks Draco for a child to remember her by. Draco Malfoy's masterlist. “Hi, love. You said, voice lowering with every word. violencewarning. Her father killed, mother Into hiding with someone she just knew the existence of, her enemy, who she can't seem to hate, friends that she's pushing away slowly without her realising so, Visions, re. PART 1. . prompt: in which two people are forced into marriage; reader falls in love. ”. Word Count: 1,500+. Arms wrap around you, Draco’s hair brushes against your face. His breath was broken and hasty, desperate. ” Ginny spitted at Harry’s face after reading his diary. Amnesia (p1) | Draco x Reader. *═══╗ everyone knew of him, hell, it was hard not to know the infamous kenma kozume. my girl,I LOVE HER I LOVE HER I LOVE HER! Bullshit harrybullshit. Doesn't go by a certain year, you can imagine it as any year you want. Draco Malfoy x Reader. cedric, dracofanfic, tension. You sniffed, "and don't give me that, 'I was drunk she means nothing to me I love you. Ash fell like snow over the grounds of Hogwarts, despite the disastrous events that had just taken place a quiet hush fell over the school. Description- Reader and Draco are taking their child to King’s Cross Station Requested Word Count:807 To say the least the Malfoy’s were worried for their son, the one they had kept so sheltered all his life, and they were now shipping him off to Hogwart’s. Zabini sauntered over and set his bag on the table, which caught your attention. She was adopted after her parents died in a car accident. ” he whispered, still keeping eye contact with the sleeping white-blonde haired boy. He remarked letting out a muffled moan. harrypotter. “I want you to talk to me. You avoided his gaze as a tear slipped from your eye. "Come sit next to me Julie. Warnings: Swearing, anger, suggestive content, horrible writing. You shake your head, pushing your hands at your fingertips. Levi moaned into your ear as he pulled out. Malfoys slut (Draco x reader) Fanfiction. It reminded you of hogwarts Draco. Trust you. Prompt: The Battle of Hogwarts was one that was hard on everyone mentally and physically. Time. dracomalfoyxreader. Tom Felton is a very talented actor who is about to risen his career in acting as well in singing. Harry and Draco stood in the middle of their new house surrounded by boxes of their stuff and only 4 months before the baby was due. " The old story, but this time Harry knows he's Draco's mate, and with help from Narcissa, who doesn't want Harry Potter as a son in law, he's determined to keep Draco from ever finding out. No (Y/N). Draco Malfoy x Reader - Your Years. a/n: this is my first time writing in a while so i hope you guys like it !!! highkey inspired by the song “what about us” by p!nk so i recommend listening to the slowed . Y/N’s yellow sundress blew in the wind, “How nice is it to see you,” Narcissa got down to Y/N’s level, allowing her to see Narcissas son, “This is Draco, Draco this is Y/N. Slowly, she took his arm in hers, leaning her head on his shoulder just to be pulled into a warm embrace. net. “Y/n, your father would be proud. " the salty tears slipped down your cheeks. Saved by BRT. That is until Astoria Greengrass walked into his life and healed all his bleeding wounds. Requested: Nope, but I would love if you guys started requesting! Warnings: Fluff and implied sexual references. “Imagine Draco looking for you after the battle of Hogwarts and thinking you’re dead. Harry potter x reader Warning:none but there will be some kissing lines. A potions lesson goes wrong for Draco Malfoy, leaving him turned into a four year old. Draco's head jerked to the side. She meets her step sister who falls into obsessive love with her. “Oh–uh–we were just telling Y/N here how lovely her outfit is,” the girl replied, fear evident in her voice. “What’s going on here, ladies?” a voice said from behind you. draco doesn’t. YOU ARE READING. You panted trying to catch your breath while sweat rolled off your skin. Your head was now resting on his shoulder as your hips kept swaying, your pants filling the otherwise silent room. Save Me, Draco Malfoy X Reader. “You are so damn stubborn. You took a step forward, reaching one hand out to grip the doorknob but retracted it, letting . All Might X Reader Lemon Wattpad. ”Draco smiled. 65 0 2. a/n: hi listen to the song dusk til dawn if you wanna get into ur feelings while reading this . smutwarning. Now married and leading a happy life with her, it appears that Draco’s past choices have come to haunt him. So 13+ — “Y/n’s so lovely. " Snape was calm on the outside but horrified on the inside. She is Daniel Radcliffe younger sister and a very close friends to Bonie Wright. It’s Draco, wounded and broken. Y/n x draco 😋😋 (joke) by Luca 😜. emperorsnewgroove, forbidden, genderbend. “I got a troll on my Potion’s essay,” you manage, your voice coming out in teary whispers. anyways enjoy!!! No matter how much Draco tried to deny it, part of her had always known that unwanted feelings lingered. 61 Stories. You Are My Sunshine [Draco Malfoy X Reader] Piercing cries filled the Malfoy home as you and your husband Draco slept peacefully together. "Who was that girl, Draco?" A voice drawled behind him. Never has, never wi–”. Word count: 972. Demon Slayer Inosuke X Reader Lemon Wattpad - ANIME 4 2022 best anime4. s. DRACO X READER MARRIAGE LAW #1 8th YEAR #2 DRACOXREADER #3 MALFOY #3 MARRIAGELAW " draco malfoy " your heart dropped as you made eye contact with the man hi. “Congratulations to the both of you. A muggle-born girl is haunted without her knowing. Let's encourage Baby to come out of hiding with a controlled shock. You were cut off my Draco smashing his lips into yours, you kissed back, you thought it was a dream. Pureblooded [y/n] lives her life unaware of the dangers hiding in her family tree, Friends, Family and a good book are her way out. 2 hours, 5 minutes 2h 5m. WARNINGS : -extremely cl. After several moments, you pulled apart. by Lee. During the whole time of her pregnancy, y/n hadn’t thought of her father once. leo valdez x reader - Nightmares Harry Potter Comics Harry Potter Puns Mundo Harry Potter Harry Read Happy Birthday to annabeth from the story Jealous Of. 135 5 2Im not done with the story or with the cover yet yes I drew the cover sorry if the sketch looks bad- so yeah its still a WIP This is a school AU This is a Genmui story demon slayer lemon inosuke x . HAVE FUN READING. Tomioka Giyuu Tanjiro X Reader Demon Slayer Pillars Demon Demon Slayer Corps Manga Spoiler Simp Weebs. And she isn't involved with them. A place where he’d be judged for his last name, a place where his family’s history was well known, a place where he’d most . Draco just shrugged in response. Prompt: The Salvatore brothers have a little sisterone who is angry with her brothers. Time 2h 5m. Requested by anonymous. Love/Hate. A/N: This is surprisingly my first ever x reader, so any feedback would be great! Draco looked at the girl walk away. Let's see how her life at Hogwarts play out 🔔remember the click the star🔔 written 2017, outfits changed 2021 have fun reading xx [y/n] = your name [l/n] = last name [e/c] = eye colour [h/c . As he looked up staring deep down at you, he replaced a lock of hair behind your ear. 772K 25. James is a member of Team Rocket, an evil team that tries to capture rare Pokémon. ” Draco said. "Crabbe, Goyle, this is my sister. "I have picked this girl for two reasons, one to prove your loyalty and two, so she can relate my. Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Slytherin!Reader. Pregnant {Draco Malfoy x Reader} You cupped your hands behind your back and fidgeted outside your bedroom door, slightly nervous as to what was to come. " Arquivo. ” Draco picked up the baby and shushed the baby slowly. especially when he went around leaving a trial of bodies of those who dared to oppose him. What is Jealous Harry Potter X Reader Wattpad. Even though Draco insists on a larger cottage, you manage to convince him that a small cottage will be enough. I am typing this o. Shes in 6th year with draco . Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Mystery - Chapters: 4 - Words: 16,272 - Reviews: 73 - Favs: 109 - Follows: 188 - Updated: 11/9/2006 - Published: 10 . Losing your mind in his beauty, you felt his gaze on your face, chin, lips, nose and eyes. Love was about sharing, losing control, being partners in the exploration of feelings. ynxdraco. “You'll have to do so much more to make me happy. You let out a deep breath as sweat ran down the back of your neck from how hot it was in the house. " A/N: I know that it took me a while to get to this but here you are dearie. “You shushed the baby last time, we are in this together babe. You turned around, and there was Draco. [COMPLETED] After the war Y/N finds out she is pregnant with Draco's child but when she goes to the manor to tell Draco the news. Draco X Reader. “I failed. she's very quiet and doesn't like change. Draco smirked at you, with a mischievous sparkle in his eyes. “You’re not Malfoy,” you eventually said, setting your textbook down and turning to face him. " "Press the red button now to administer a controlled shock. ”Narcissa smiled, Y/N smiled back. “Good afternoon, (Y/N),” he greeted, almost laughing at how you furrowed your eyebrows at the sight of him. Draco left you, he left you hanging. You forget a solid chunk of your life, specifically your last few years at Hogwarts and the relationships . Draco, your old best friend, kissed you, no warning.

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