Bersa bp9cc schematic. Soon, a new site for you to know much more about our products. 3 inches in length and 4. BLACKHAWK 419002BBR Omnivore MultiFit Stream Light TLR 1/2 Light Bearing. 94″ wide. Its barrel length of 2. Bud's Item #. Bought a new Bersa BP9cc at a local (kinda) gunshow yesterday. 1 ounces, unloaded, and has a 3. It tips the scales at a mere 21. #7 · Jun 9, 2014. At a scant 0. 29% less. This pistol comes with a carry case, and three 8 round magazines. 3-inch barrel. External controls include an ambidextrous. Technical Specifications: I have acquired a Bersa BP9cc and three days into the experience its positive. It is located above the trigger in the left side of the frame. The BPCC provides accuracy and fire power in a lightweight, compact, ultra thin handgun. ™. WARRANTY CENTERS Brownells is your source for Bersa BP9CC Parts at Brownells. Action: Semiautomatic. This Bersa model weighs only 21. The BP9CC’s ergonomic design improves line-of-sight and provides greater control during use. Currently, Bersa is producing the following handgun models: Thunder 22 The Bersa BP9CC sights are a non-typical three-dot set up. ASG is making the BP9CC air gun pistol under license direct from Bersa. Ammo Type: 6mm Airsoft BBs. Perhaps . Note when reassembling: The spring arm should be below the trigger arm in order to lift it. Repeater: Repeater. 94-inches wide. Turn the mechanics over and remove the three PH0 screws. The Bersa BP9CC Quick Draw series is designed to be worn OWB by fastening it with your belt though our precut durable belt loops. Body: Pistol. Many guys said the BP9CC was [] The ASG Bersa BP9CC is a compact pistol that is easily concealable for intense airsoft skirmishes. 91-inches and its overall length of 6. The Bersa line of handguns is owned and operated by the Bersa SA Corporation out of Argentina. The Bersa BP9CC Quick Draw holster is an outside the waistband (OWB) hybrid holster that’s handmade with premium leather and molded Kydex® to fit perfectly to your gun. 380 8 cartuchos VER. I got it out to the range today and put about 100 rounds of 125gr ball, and 50 rounds of 147gr HP. Easy, fast, safe. Bersa BP9cc ($302) Bersa is an Argentinian firearm manufacturer that’s probably best-known for its “Thunder” line of handguns, which are styled similar to a Walther PPK and feature a double . Using advanced manufacturing processes and finest quality materials, the BPCC . Safety Key: Your pistol is provided with an internal locking system operated by a special key. Of course I couldn't resist a tabletop comparison and a brief range comparison. . Upgrade your conceal carry with The Fastest Sights in Any Light. The Bersa BP9 Concealed Carry 9mm Pistol is a polymer framed handgun with advanced features designed for personal protection. About the ASG BERSA BP9CC Airsoft Gun. The Bersa BP9CC is a lightweight, short reset double action only pistol. The BPCC is Bersa’s first polymer frame handgun, with more advanced features, specially designed for concealed-carry personal protection. 84 oz. Using advanced manufacturing processes and finest . The BP9CC ergonomic design improves a line of sight, the Bersa BP9-CC model has three-safety features that work automatically and effectively together. The trigger action grinds a bit, has a very light release weight, and an ultra short reset, so it takes some practice to master it. Buy the magazine: ASG17310. It has a large and positive slide-lock lever that will make it easy to lock the gun open if you have to administratively unload the gun, or if you have a malfunction and need to perform an emergency . 5 ounces unloaded, and is 6. The sub-compact size enables easy manipulation of the slide and controls. Manufacturer. The Bersa BP9CC 9mm Black has a width of less than an inch and a light weight polymer frame, the BPCC line is made for personal protection. Wild Rice. I read and watched reviews as people raved about the size, weight, trigger action and the price. 94 inches wide, the BP9CC is significantly trimmer than the subcompact versions of any number of popular service pistols. Galloway Precision Roll Pin Punch. The front sight has a single large, white dot. This is the only way to safely lower the hammer. Guns and Ammo Store. It is chambered in 9mm with the dimensions of a . Testfire was done in a windy 27F backyard so it . An Unexpected Concealed Carry Option: Bersa BP9CC. ABOUT BERSA. The BPCC is a lightweight, compact size and ultra thin weapon. Firing . I have two negatives to report, a siily IL on the slide and a magazine safety. FIREARMS. The BPCC provides accuracy and firepower in a lightweight, compact, ultra thin handgun. Live Chat . Action: Short reset DAO . BP Thunder TPR. This is a quick video of the dis-assembly and re-assembly of a Bersa Bp9cc 9mm Luger for cleaning. by The Arms Guide Guest Writer May 19, 2018. Interestingly enough I couldn't help but notice that wifey's new Bersa was almost identical in size to my Walther PPS. 3 - Overall Length: 6. Model: BP9CC w/Threaded Barrel; Subgroup: pistol: Manufacturer: Bersa: Action: Double Action Only (DAO) Made in: Argentina: Year: 2019 Caliber: 9mm Luger (9x19mm . But it’s not enough to simply build a small gun and chamber it in 9mm, . Overall dimensions for the BP9CC are 6. The Company Our History. 5 ounces unloaded and has a barrel length of 84 mm or 3. Metal Slide. It breaks clean at around 3. The grip is very thin, in fact, it is the thinnest pistol I’ve ever put in my hands measuring 0. It carries very well, fits small hands, is reliable and has manageable recoil. The name of the BP9cc stands for Bersa Pistol 9 mm Concealed Carry. The BPCC is BERSA’s first polymer frame handgun, with more advanced features, specially designed for concealed-carry personal protection. Similar in size, both looked nice and well made. When looking at the pistol, I immediately observed the larger dot on the front sight and thought “Finally. No reviews have been written for this product. B. The smaller the gun, the harder it is to control and properly aim. 40 S&W, and . Galloway Precision Bench Mat. Bersa BP9CC Quick Draw holsters secure your . It comes with 2 -8 round mags see *** specs UPC: 091664910903 Description: BER BPCC 9MM PST M 8RD FS Brand: Bersa Model: BP9CC Polymer Series Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto Caliber: 9MM Finish: Matte Black Action: Double Action Stock: Black Polymer Grip Sight: R Get Bersa Model BP 9 CC pistol parts, accessories and more with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. Diese 4,5 mm BB Version der Handfeuerwaffe weist die original Markings "BERSA SA" , 9mm x19 auf dem Verschluss, sowie eine fortlaufende Seriennummer auf. Bersa: Ballesteros and Rigaud. The Bersa BP9CC is a very slim gun with a short-reset double-action-only trigger, easy to find magazine-release button, and drop-free magazine. This series is well designed for a concealed-carry personal protection, as off duty or a backup gun. Unlike your basic mouse gun or pocket pistol, the Argentinian’s small enough to conceal easily yet large enough to shoot comfortably. Only 2 left in stock. 800-741-0015. Dionisio & Co. 61-inches and a weight of 21. 10 Best Bersa Bp9cc Problems: Editor Recommended. The skinny BP9CC presents a low-carbon handy footprint: 6. The Bersa BP9CC Pistol welcomes the new shooter and can grow with the user’s skills through years of reliable operation and without leaving the owner wanting of aftermarket improvements. Dismantling guide for Bersa BP9cc pistol How to dismantle ASG product no. It features an interchangeable front and rear sight and is made of a HI impact polymer frame. 40 or . This has become nearly the norm for those looking for an easily concealed handgun for . Bersa calls it the "short-reset DAO trigger. Ergonomic design aids sighting. Gun Schematics; Bayonets . 810083202037. Get Bersa Model BP 9 CC pistol parts, accessories and more with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. Big Dot® p/n# BS-0001S-5. Brownells is your source for Bersa BP9CC Parts at Brownells. The BP9CC fits my hand quite nicely and there's enough grip that my pinky isn't dangling. Preview. For more information on how these numbers are calculated, please visit the Concealed Carry Factors™ information page. Each holster listed above is able to be handmade for the Bersa BP9CC. Considering ordering one online entails shipping, FFL fees, etc. While many pistols this size have stiff slide drops, the BP9CC has a nice long lever that is easy to use. 20rd removable BB stick mag. his prices were pretty good. Initial impression: not sure just yet. I reviewed the Bersa BP9CC in my thread Three Flat Nines Reviewed. Firearm Specifications,Model: BP9CC. The Bersa BP9CC is a lightweight, semi-auto 9mm that fires from a locked breech. Power Source: 12g CO2 x 1. To provide you with even more comfort, we back each Alien Gear Holster with our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. <. 50. 722 Posts. What’s Included In The Box: ASG BERSA BP9CC Airsoft Gun. BP9CC X 9mm 8 cartuchos VER. Non Blowback. The Bersa BP 9 It is a double-action trigger model, with the locking barrel design. FPS: 380-400. 45 ACP calibers. This gun features ambidextrous controls, 3 Dot Sight System, Micro-Polished Bore, & a Picatinny Rail for mounting accessories. Serial number-D97151. The Bersa struck me as a good little gun. 9mm, 4. The Bersa BP9CC has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability for concealed carry by persons with a valid CCW permit. 17300, 17301, 17307 & 17308 NC – 009 – 2013 The entire internal mecanics can now be removed from the grip. 3” and with the width of only 0. Remember to buy some Crosman Pellgunoil and . The trigger is shockingly light! The travel is loooong, almost like a two stage, but it breaks fairly cleanly. No real problems until about the 75 round mark. By Models. #. America’s leading pistol parts supplier. Cómo es por dentro la histórica Bersa, una de las principales fábricas de armas del País Die BP9CC (Concealed Carry) vom argentinischen Waffenhersteller Bersa aus Ramos Mejia ist unter Militärs als sehr gut zu führende, besonders schmale Waffe bekannt. The BPCC provides accuracy and fire power in a lightweight . 8-inches tall and 0. 8 pounds after a smooth initial pull, and resets FAST in just about 1/8 of an inch. The fit of the gun leaves a little to be desired, yet it had no perceptible impact on function. . Die BP9CC (Concealed Carry) vom argentinischen Waffenhersteller Bersa aus Ramos Mejia ist unter Militärs als sehr gut zu führende, besonders schmale Waffe bekannt. A 9mm handgun less than an inch wide with 8+1 capacity. Cómo es por dentro la histórica Bersa, una de las principales fábricas de armas del País The name "Bersa" is actually an acronym that stands for "Ballester-Rigaud & Company". Action: DAO - Caliber: 9mm - Capacity: 8 Rounds - Finish: Matte Black - Material: Polymer/Steel - Grips: Intergral to Frame - Front Sight: Interchangeable Sig Sauer Type - Rear Sight: Interchangeable Glock Type - Barrel Length: 3. 2”; the total length is 6. 25″ BBL, DA/SA, 13rds, Register to see price. If you'd just like to shoot for fun, this air pistol is up to it! With each mag holding 20 rounds, you'll spend more time shooting and less time reloading. Shop our vast selection and save! Enable Accessibility. 177-caliber (4. Each of these Bersa BP9CCs have their own unique serial numbers for added realism. Buy on Amazon. VER. Bersa BP9CC 9mm 3. Always thinking about the best user experience. 35 inches long and 4. Buy extra mags for continous shootin' fun. Bersa. Reset is audible AND tactile, so you can hear it and feel it. 1. Register Now Brownells is your source for Bersa BP9CC Parts at Brownells. 99 after code "ULTIMATE20" Bersa® BP9CC 9mm Semi-automatic Pistol The BP9 Concealed Carry (or BP9CC for short) is the latest entry in Bersa's lineage of exceptional carry pistols, offering shooter-friendly ergonomics and one of the sweetest About the ASG BERSA BP9CC Airsoft Gun. 3" Barrel DuoTone 8+1 Rounds - $264. 45. 35-inches long, 4. The barrel length is 3. 3 inches. $ 329. 5mm) BBs at 350 fps, this air gun is a dead ringer for the 'real thing'. , Inc. Adjustable Hop Up. I had a BP9CC and really liked it although I replaced it with a Beretta Nano. $17. This is a reference to two individuals who were partners with Mr. The loaded chamber indicator is functional and easy to read. It was always a gun that I would “eventually” get. The Bersa® BP9cc slim polymer frame 9mm is designed with a picatinny rail, loaded chamber indicator and an ambidextrous magazine release. 9mm, DT, 8rds. The Bersa BPCC series represents a family of BERSA’s first polymer semi-automatics. CO2 pistol. 35 - Weight: 21. 59360. The BPCC provides accuracy and fire . Register Now; BERETTA PISTOL, Model “92FS M9A1 Compact Inox”, Cal. 5 oz. Quick Overview: Polymer Frame. The rear sights have two dots, but they are noticeably smaller than the dot on the front sight. Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG Bersa BP9CC is light due to its true blowback operation that cocks the internal striker back with each shot taken. Only show this user. Product. Upon handling the BP9CC, one instantly notes how thin it is and this, of course, makes it ideal for concealed carry. Buy the Bersa BP9CC duotone from the P. It came in a blue plastic, padded case with two 8 round magazines, the manual, and a . If you own a Bersa firearm, you can easily maintain proficiency by using the Bersa BP9CC CO2 BB pistol. Bersa BP9CC air pistol. This includes a 30-Day Test Drive, free shell trades for life, and a Forever Warranty. It comes with an adjustable hop up making it a very competitive sidearm. The BP9CC is Bersa's first polymer gun and appears to be the first designed from a clean sheet of paper. Action: Blowback, Single Action Only. 32 ACP handguns. This has become nearly the norm for those . If so, check out our premium Bersa bp9cc owb holster. This pistol is accurate, lightweight, & ultrathin. 22 . Make it too big, and as nice as it may shoot, it will be a pain to carry or conceal. Schematic ID Number. The Bersa BP9CC is a polymer pistol with a single stack magazine. And to sweeten the deal, the BP9CC is rated for +P ammo, and it'll eat just about anything. 99. UPC. An unexpected concealed carry option: Bersa BP9CC. Free shipping. 6-ounces when loaded compare favorably to the 9mm center fire pistol that it is based on . The pistol is available in 9mm, . This semiautomatic gun boasts powerful shot velocities that will stun competitors and a blowback recoil response that is crisp and satisfying. Powerplant: CO2. The Bersa takes an 8 round 9mm magazine. Up for grabs is a Bersa BP9CC semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. 8 inches tall. After looking at a few, I narrowed it down to either a Kahr CW45 or the Bersa BP9CC. The loaded round indicator at the top of the slide didn't show a round in the . What's Included In The Box: ASG BERSA BP9CC Airsoft Gun. BERSA PISTOL BP9CC , Cal. But I had decided I wanted a 9mm, and the feel was good, the trigger nice, so I went ahead and got the Bersa. Disassembly is a little unnatural dry-firing with the mag, dropping the mag, then removing the slidelock, then pushing the slide forward. Pistol Features. The Bersa BP9CC (Bersa Polymer 9 Concealed Carry) is a lightweight 9mm carry gun that has been around for about five years. Technical . 2. BERSA warning: All owners and users of BERSA pistols are reminded to use the decocking lever to decock their pistols. Caliber: 9MM. XS® 24/7 Tritium set features a Tritium front sight, Tritium rear; msrp $120. The slide locked up with a live round in the chamber. Bersa BP9CC. The BP9CC delivers the quality, reliability and durability you’ve come to expect from BERSA and underscores our commitment to innovation and cutting edge technology. Tactical Rubber Grip Glove Sleeve 2 Pcs Slip-On Ventilated Grip Grips for. Thunder 22. Register to see price. Ammo Capacity: 15 Rounds. Barrel: Metal, Smoothbore. Thunder 380. I really like the BP. 380 and . The BP9CC uses Sig front sights and GLOCK rear sights. NEWS. The ASG BERSA BP9CC Airsoft Gun is a durable licensed airsoft pistol from ASG. When it is fully loaded with 9 rounds of ammunition, it weighs 24. For Filipino citizens and residents only. " We call it a home run. It's a polymer-frame striker-fired pistol with a feature set tailored to meet the needs of shooters who want a . It weighs 21. 9". Not rated yet. About Bersa BP9CC. Picked up the Bersa BP9CC a couple of days ago, cleaned and oiled it and made it to the range yesterday for the inaugural session. This Alien Gear Holster also offers customizable retention, while providing you with a stable carry.

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